Frequently Asked Question

To gain any sort of knowledge, there are three factors which are very essential. They are: 1) Teacher 2) Student and 3) Course. Besides, parents are also an essential factor for students who are not self-employed. What we noticed was that teachers and students were taking all of their efforts and even the parents were supporting them but the syllabus was not proper. So first of all, we concentrated on the syllabus. We wanted a syllabus that taught real music and contained everything. We were in search of a syllabus which provided an international board certification, had pieces according to the likings of the current generation and had a structure that taught tough and complicated topics in an easy way and most importantly, a syllabus that led to practical development. We studied various syllabuses, out of which Trinity College London syllabuses proved to be the best. Trinity syllabuses fulfilled all the requirements whether a student wanted to learn music as a hobby or pursue it as a career.